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Clymer Law is a Paducah based criminal defense law firm owned and operated by the husband-wife criminal defense team of Meridith and Sam Clymer.  Having earned an extraordinarily extensive and unique combined experience level of nearly 30 years as prosecutors operating as criminal justice system insiders, Meridith and Sam know the ins and outs of the system from every angle and have uncommon and invaluable insight into how prosecutors work and negotiate cases.  

Meridith and Sam understand that no two situations are truly alike and focus on a client-centered approach to each case to craft an individualized defense plan designed specifically for representing you and ensuring that your rights are protected.  If you or someone you care about find your rights, reputation, freedom and future at stake, you need a zealous, fearless and experienced criminal defense attorney on your side.  Call (270) 551-5400 to schedule a free initial consultation today or CLICK HERE to send us a message. 

Our Areas of Practice Include:

Drug Possession
Drug Trafficking
Assault & Interpersonal Offenses (Harassment, Menacing, Stalking, Terroristic Threatening)
Domestic Violence
Theft-related Offenses
Child Dependency Neglect & Abuse
Juvenile Offenses
Record Expungement
Traffic Offenses


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