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Sam Clymer, Your Paducah Based Criminal Defense Attorney

Sam began his legal career in 2004.  His first few years of practice were in private civil practice where he focused his services in the areas of constitutional law and civil rights defense litigation in cases involving law enforcement agencies and local governments.  

Sam recognized that the cases that moved him the most were those where constitutional law and procedure intersected with criminal law.  Feeling called to the area of criminal legal practice, Sam joined the McCracken County Attorney’s Office in 2007 as a criminal prosecutor.  

Sam spent the first 8 years of his career at the County Attorney’s Office as a general criminal prosecutor handling all types of cases coming under the duties of the Office.  The last 8 years of his career at the County Attorney’s Office were spent as the elected County Attorney for McCracken County, having the primary duties of chief supervising prosecutor and general counsel for the McCracken County local government.   

During his 16 years as a prosecutor, Sam earned extraordinarily unique and extensive hands-on experience in all levels of the criminal legal process.  Drawing on this experience, Sam has compiled training materials and implemented training programs for prosecutors under his supervision, as well as those serving in County Attorney’s Offices throughout Kentucky.  Having a keen interest in the complexities of DUI law, Sam conducted trainings for both prosecutors and law enforcement officers in DUI detection, investigation, and courtroom performance.  

Sam now focuses his practice exclusively on helping those facing criminal charges, with a specific concentration on DUI defense.  After so many years as a prosecutor, Sam knows that a DUI allegation is the criminal charge most likely to impact the lives of the greatest number of citizens.  For this reason, Sam knows that his extraordinarily unique and extensive experience in the criminal field is best used in service to the greatest number of citizens possible by protecting their rights when facing a DUI charge, the criminal allegation most likely to threaten their reputations, freedom, and futures. 

My years as a prosecutor have been the most educational experience of my life, with the greatest lesson being the critical importance of criminal defense attorneys with the practical legal knowledge necessary to protect their clients’ rights and the ability to effectively communicate with prosecutors, judges and juries.  While I’ve spent the first 18 years of my legal career in service to the government, the remainder shall be devoted to the people.

Sam Clymer

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