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Drug Charges

At Clymer Law in Paducah, we understand the serious nature of criminal drug charges.  While working towards decriminalizing and even legalizing some types of recreational drugs, Kentucky continues to have and enforce some of the toughest drug laws in the nation. For example, whereas possession of the smallest amount of marijuana may get you a civil citation in many states and is legal in others, Kentucky courts can you send you to jail for up to 45 days on a first offense, and up to a year if they charge you with the sale or trafficking of marijuana. 

Given the huge stakes of facing jail time, high penalties, and a criminal record that can hurt your present and future career, it is critical that you do everything you can to avoid guilt on your drug charge and/or to reduce the penalties and damage done. 

Meridith Clymer will defend your constitutional rights and fight the drug charges against you to protect your interests and defend your freedom. She is committed to defending the rights of individuals facing drug charges and she puts her experience as a prosecutor to work to fight zealously and fearlessly for a positive outcome in your drug crime matter. 


Meridith handles a wide range of drug charges including but not limited to: 

  • Marijuana
  • Ecstasy (aka “Molly”)
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Methamphetamine
  • LSD and other hallucinogens
  • Prescription drugs, including opioids


Remember, Kentucky continues to impose severe penalties on those found guilty of drug crimes – whether in the form of prison time, high fines, forced rehabilitation, and other penalties. This doesn’t even include the years and even decades of damage that a criminal record for drug charges can do to your personal and professional life. 

A drug crime charge can haunt you in numerous ways. For example, many prospective employers may be hesitant to hire you if you have a drug arrest or conviction on your record. 

You might also find it more difficult to obtain housing, loans, and college admission. And if you work in a profession that requires a state license, you could run into trouble having your professional license approved. 

Police and prosecutors may try to get you to think that giving up evidence and telling them what they want to hear will make things easier on you, and that you will be penalized for consulting with a lawyer, but nothing could be further from the truth. The government plays a lot of games to try to get you to comply with their wishes, and they will often use slippery, misleading, and deceptive language to imply that certain things will happen to you if you do this or that. This makes it all the more critical that you retain strong legal counsel as soon as possible, so your legal rights are fully protected. 

Meridith Clymer will zealously and fearlessly protect your constitutional rights and provide you with the best defense possible to the drug charges against you. She will not allow police and prosecutors to intimidate you into waiving your rights, and she will challenge the legality and sufficiency of any “evidence” leveled against you. 

In many drug cases, prosecutors bring cases against individuals only tangentially connected to the drugs at issue, but Meridith will not let you take the fall for someone else without a fight. 


There are many cases in which law enforcement or government officials make drug arrests after conducting an extensive investigation. The investigative phase is a critical time, because this is when the government is building its case against you. During an investigation, law enforcement gathers evidence, interviews witnesses, and may even call in the individual they are targeting for questioning.

Oftentimes, the government has already decided that the target of the investigation is guilty, and they are just looking for enough evidence to obtain a conviction. With this mindset, it is not unusual for authorities to bend the rules and potentially even violate your constitutional rights in order to obtain the result they are seeking.

The minute you learn that you might be under investigation for a drug crime, get in touch with a zealous and fearless criminal defense lawyer. Meridith Clymer knows first-hand the tactics the government uses during criminal investigations, and he knows exactly how to respond. Meridith works closely with clients during this phase to respond aggressively to the investigation and put together a defense. She goes to work immediately to compile evidence and locate favorable witnesses to build your case.  She can also be present if the police want to question you.

If you have strong reason to believe you or someone you care about are under investigation, do NOT speak with anyone else (besides your attorney) about this matter. Remember, anything you say can be used against you, even what you tell family members, friends, and associates. Exercise your constitutional right to remain silent, and if the authorities want to question you, always insist that you have your attorney present.

If you are facing criminal charges for the possession, cultivation, or distribution of any type of drug, do not fight this battle alone. Being convicted of a drug crime carries with it harsh consequences both now and well into the future. With so much on the line, you need a zealous and fearless criminal defense attorney by your side fighting hard to mitigate the situation as much as possible. Meridith understands what is at stake, and she takes aggressive action to prepare the most effective defense strategy.

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