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Meridith Clymer, Your Paducah Based Criminal Defense Attorney

Meridith began her legal career in 2006.  After gaining valuable experience in the practice of private civil law during the first few years of her career, Meridith found that her true calling was in the area of criminal law.  

Acting on what moved her as a professional, Meridith became a criminal prosecutor with the McCracken County Attorney’s Office.  Having served as a criminal prosecutor for 11 years, Meridith has earned rare, extensive and invaluable hands-on experience that provides her with unique knowledge of the most effective methods and tactics she will use to defend your rights as her client.  

Meridith has extensive and unique personal experience in all levels of criminal prosecutions including: the initial suspicion of a person by law enforcement; the law enforcement investigation process; the evaluation of law enforcement investigations to reach charging decisions by the prosecution; the negotiation process between prosecutors and criminal defense attorneys; the court process in handling the prosecution and defense of criminal charges, up to and including trial.  

Meridith chooses to focus her practice exclusively on defending people who are facing criminal charges, juvenile charges, and child dependency, neglect and abuse allegations.  Meridith keeps her practice small and takes a limited amount of cases to ensure she is able to devote her full attention to each of her clients’ individual needs and special circumstances.  

Meridith knows that personal service and an individual client-centered approach are the keys to successfully representing you as her client.  Meridith will listen to you, fully evaluate your case and personal circumstances, then craft a defense plan designed specifically for representing you and ensuring that your rights are protected. 

My years of experience as a criminal prosecutor have taught me that the most effective criminal defense attorneys are the ones that know the law backwards and forwards, and know their clients’ cases inside and out.  That kind of knowledge, along with the ability to connect and communicate with prosecutors, judges and juries, is key to protecting their clients’ rights and making sure that justice is served.  I’ve seen it work time and time again.

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