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Being a winning husband-wife criminal legal team is nothing new to Meridith and Sam.  This husband-wife team have worked together many years as prosecutors making the McCracken County Attorney’s Office the statewide example of effective, efficient, and ethically just prosecution that it is today.  With combined experience of nearly 30 years as prosecutors operating as criminal justice system insiders, Meridith and Sam have learned the keys to providing the best criminal defense services to protect your rights as their client.  

Meridith and Sam realize that there is nothing “routine” about a criminal prosecution.  They know that when a person is forced to publicly defend their self against a criminal allegation brought by the government, they also face terrifying life-changing potential consequences to their family, freedom, reputation, career, and way of life.  Regardless of the charge, when a person is facing criminal prosecution, that is the biggest and most stressful challenge in their life.  

According to Meridith and Sam, the most valuable lesson learned during their nearly 30 years of combined criminal legal experience is the critical importance of good criminal defense attorneys that focus their services specifically on criminal defense representation.  These criminal defense attorneys are the ones that know the law, keep up with its changing complexities, know what they’re looking for in crafting a defense plan, and know how to execute their plan through effective communication with prosecutors, judges and juries.  

Based on their unique and extensive experience, and with the lessons they’ve learned always in mind, Meridith and Sam have chosen to focus their practice exclusively on defending people who are facing criminal prosecution.  Meridith and Sam commit to a small firm philosophy of taking a limited amount of cases to ensure the ability to devote their full attention to the individual needs and special circumstances of each client. 

This small firm philosophy furthers Meridith and Sam’s commitment to personal service and an individual client-centered approach that are keys to successfully representing you as their client.  Meridith and Sam’s small firm philosophy provide them the time necessary to listen to you, and fully evaluate your case and personal circumstances to craft a defense plan designed specifically for representing you and ensuring that your rights are protected. 

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